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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 8, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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cus is you. >>an early morning fire claims the life of a woman in des plaines. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's judy wang has our top story. >> firefighters do not consider this fire suspicious. to spend about five havre's taking away several items from home. they hope it will help to determine a cause. the family is trying to figure out where to go next. ronald made it out but his
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daughter was killed. >> i went down to the basement and opens the door. a cloud of black smoke rolled out. that is when i started coughing. there is not much i could do. >> he suffered smoke inhalation. he is treated and released. and is found in the lower level bedroom. that is where they believe the fire started. >> a burned up the siding and then got into the attic. >> investigators ruled out electrical problems and appliances as causes. >> the firemen responded to a
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little fire that some time before. >> he has not ruled that out. a man from suburban elk grove village. who has a history of mental illness is being held on terrorism charges. police in oklahoma say he was planning to firebomb dozens of churches. >> the family tells the chicago tribune he is mentally ill. a condition that runs in his
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family. he has been hospitalized for mental illness at least six times. has been addicted to heroin and alcohol. >> someone to find that and know about it that was god's protection for the churches. >> he was arrested at a hotel and charged with possession of an explosive place. after authorities found bomb making equipment. after searching his room they found dozens of empty beer bottles made into molotov cocktails. >> a much greater hold on this
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world than he has ever had before. it is unbelievable that somebody would want to blow up 40 churches. >> he was the father of three. he owned his own construction company. there are at a downtown jacksonville restaurant when he stepped outside briefly. he cut into an argument with two men. one of the men pulled to out a knife and slit his throat. he was not the kind of man to pick fights. >> you as such a good-natured person. he always wanted you to have a good time. he is never a person to cause trouble. this is
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way out of left field. the bears are heading into the bye week in first place. in the third charles tillman returns an interception for a touchdown his franchise-best eighth defensive score. then in the fourth, lance briggs has a pick- six of his own. it's the first time in n-f-l history teammates have returned interceptions for touchdowns in
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consecutive games. bears beat the jaguars 41-3. more coming up in sports. >>the bragging rights from yesterday's bank of america chicago marathon belong to two ethiopian runners. tsegaye kebede became the first ethiopian man to win breaking the course record by nearly a minute finishing in two hours four minutes and 38-seconds. atsede baysa won the women's race in two hours, 22-minutes and three seconds. she edged out a kenyan runner in one of the closest women's finishes in chicago marathon history. an estimated 45-thousand people participated in the 26-point-two mile race. authorities in west suburban addison say last friday's lockdown was a result of one student's poor decision. the female student was found restrained in a bathroom shortly before ten in the morning. it was alleged that an intruder had entered the school. police dogs and helicopters searched the area, but never found a suspect. meanwhile, 13-hundred students had to stay in their classrooms for several hours, with the lights out and windows covered. counselors will be on call at the school when students return tomorrow. teachers and the school board in evergreen park go back to the bargaining table this afternoon. as the strike enters its second week. the schools superitendent told the chicago tribune that yesterday's talks did not move them forward and may have even set negotiations back. a teachers representataive said they made concessions.
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the unresolved issues include salaries and a plan to base bonuses on student test scores. tonight, the teachers union is holding a meeting for the public. >>next at noon. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky meets with lawyers ahead of his sentencing tomorrow. how many calories in that can of soda? some new vending machines will soon tell you. and later big changes could be coming to chicago's riverwalk. what the mayor is proposing to beautify the area. this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. what he is convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse. some of it on school property. he has maintained his innocence and silence since being convicted. whatever his sentence, it is likely he will be sentenced to a solitary confinement >>confessed murderer joran van der sloot is going to be a father. van der sloot is currently serving a 28-year prison sentence in peru for the 20-10 murder of stephany flores.
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and he has long been considered the prime suspect in the disappearance of natalee holloway in aruba. van der sloot murdered flores on the five-year anniversary of holloway's disappearance. a dutch newspaper reports that van der sloot and his girlfriend are expecting a child. they met in prison and she became pregnant after an unsupervised visit. with 90 percent of the ballots counted chavez had more than 50 percent of the vote. the election was closely monitored. an been in office for 13 years. he is 58 years old and has undergone two surgeries for cancer. he has not revealed what shock,type >>the war in afghanistan has now entered its 12th year. the u-s led invasion started on
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october seventh of 2001, just weeks after the september 11th terror attacks. the invasion targeted al-qaeda and the taliban. nato had 130-thousand troops from 50-countries fighting in afghanistan at one point. troops have started pulling out, and all foreign combat troops will be gone by the end of 20-14. 32-hundred nato troops have been killed in the war, *21-hundred* of those were americans. >>mitt romney is looking to boost his credentials before debating again. he criticized president obama dealings with all the countries. he says last month's attack that killed four americans in libya was probably the work of the same forces that attacked the united states on 911. u.s. and allies will prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. >>president obama is on a west-
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coast fundraising swing that's expected to add about 9-point-5 million dollars to his campaign warchest. mister obama was in los angles last night for a star-studded concert featuring katy perry stevie wonder and others. for the first time, he joked about his lackluster performance at last week's debate. today the president will attend a ceremony declaring a national monument at the california home of latino labor leader cesar chavez. analysts say obama is reaching out to latino voters. underscoring their growing importance in presidential politics. >>republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan is campaigning in ohio today but yesterday he was in chicago raising money for his campaign. sunday's fundraiser was at the hyatt regency o'hare. ryan told supporters the president is trying to confuse voters, by distorting mitt romney's record. the campaign says more than 200 people attended the event. the vice presidential candidates will debate this thursday in kentucky.
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dozens of protesters outside fundraiser at the hotel. democratic congresswoman jan schakowsky organized this protest. she criticized romney for saying that he would consider cutting funding to p-b-s. schakowsky says romney's economic policies will only further burden the middle class. registration is up 1% from 2008 pack/then registration jump about 7%. election officials say they're not seeing the same level of enthusiasm.
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>>voter register deadline is tomorrow.chicago residents have two options. you can register online at chicago-elections-dot-com. or visit the board of election commissioners at 69 west washington street. it's open today till five o- clock, despite the fact it's a holiday. be sure to bring two forms of i-d. including one that shows your current address. >>next, a major recall to tell you about involving honda and a fire risk. it's less than 11 foot by 9 foot. find out why this tiny apartment is getting some big offers on the real estate market. and later in lunchbreak: we are making pumpkin gingerbread cake pops
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>> apple facing more problems in the production of the new iphone. the company that
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assembles the iphone had to stop production for the second time in as many weeks. after factory line workers protested. the difficulty of meeting the demands for quality and abuse from the guards. >> the power window switches are creating smoke. they will begin processing recalls next month. expect to see vending machines with calorie count. among the first in the country to get calorie counter displays. all of this is backed by a major beverage manufacturer. if you're looking to get a quick meal on
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the run. steer clear of burger king. there drafters are the slowest in the building. mcdonald's comes in fifth. apple leading a decline in technology shares. >>a congressional report released today says two major chinese telecommunication companies should be barred from any u-s mergers and acquisitions. huawei and z-t-e communications have been accused of having ties to china's communist government. the report did not find any proof of wrongdoing but says the companies failed to respond
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completely to lawmakers questions. called the report baseless. even in these tough economic times, the real estate market in some cities is still holding strong. and it seems london is certainly one of them. c-n-n's richard quest shows us one tiny apartment with one hefty price tag. next, details on a plan to expand chicago's riverwalk. and later in the medical watch >>there is no more. 10 ft 4 by 8 ft 4. >> this as the length of the
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flat. the apartment is a converted cloak room. i would point out the high ceiling and natural light coming through. i would point out the location. >> the original asking price of $145,000 has been well exceeded. the top offers are believed to be around 280,000. this tiny apartment is in the best part of london. next to the top people's. >> you're going to get a hell of
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a lot of interest. the demand for this unique property has been intense. more than 100 viewing. a dozen offers. ironically the winner is likely to be an investor from greece. more than a quarter of a million dollars. an awful lot of money. for not a lot of apartment. if that is what someone will pay for ait does what it's worth. that is what it is worth. >> had dared noble tries to break a world record
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follow jimmy on for free samples >>the u-s supreme court will hear a case this week challenging a landmark decision on affirmative action. the case involves college student, abigail fisher. who believes she was rejected from the university of texas because she is white. her civil rights lawsuit challenges a 19-50's decision in favor of an african american
12:26 pm
student. that case led to the end of racial segregation in public institutions. justices will now be considering whether the high court believes affirmative action is still necessary in education. if you dont like the seats on c- t-a trains and buses, you now have a chance to voice your opinion. the active transportation alliance is taking a poll on their website, through the 14th. it wants to know if c-t-a riders prefer the individual bucket- style seats, the aisle facing bench seats, or if they have no preference at all. the survey comes after the c-t-a received complaints about the bench seating in new rail cars. the alliance will share survey results with the transit agency. to another waterfront is in talks of a makeover. >> this city of san antonio tx
12:27 pm
has a big major development along the river walk. it has been a huge doors attraction. you can only imagine what a development along the chicago river would be like. >> i talked about making the chicago river the next recreational frontier of the city. currently there are portions of the river wall that had been built up. there are vast stretches along the river that are vacant. the areas between the bridges are coming alive. >> want to openin it p. or both houses will be open. those
12:28 pm
living along the river are pleased to hear about. >> i moved here in 2005. this will continue to revitalize the area. it will be really nice to be able to get off the main tree with all of the noise. plans for a continuous walkway include spacious >> boaters will be able to enjoy a cove. the linkthey hope it will become a bustling hub of activity.
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>> 3 in. the city to the river. that is why i want to make it the next recreational frontier. >> the key is given to be finding a way to make it a draw during the winter months. many visitors would rather avoid our character building weather. still to come this midday. jim ramsey has your full forecast! that was me... the day i learned i had to start insulin for my type 2 diabetes. me... thinking my only option was the vial and syringe dad used. and me... discovering once-daily levemir® flexpen®. flexpen® is prefilled. doesn't need refrigeration for up to 42 days. no drawing from a vial. dial the exact dose.
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clean alien civilization. that's crazy. crazy clean. what?! come on. [ male announcer ] mr. clean magic eraser bath scrubber. its clean is out of this world. it is windy out there. we may
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see some wind gusts that exceed 30 mi. per hour. be prepared to get blown around a little bit. look at that. a lot of blue skies. we do not expect any cloud cover at all until maybe late this afternoon. there are some clouds from some rain that is occurring upper parts of minnesota. this is common to be a dry day. 51 degrees right now. look how far to the south the cold air aspirin. has spread. temperature is appear to not have been impacted at all. here's the big mass of cold air. notice it hang around for aday or two.
12:33 pm
beyond that temperatures dip. we will see temperatures about every other day making it to 60 or better. temperature's only in the '50s in between. a wind speed across the area is showing quite a busy weather out there. tomorrow we can expect the wind to be relatively stiff. dew points are relatively low. mostly in the thirties across the area. the area is dry. because of that and the wind a red flag warning has been issued for the chicago area. discouraging any outdoor burning. look at this. temperatures across the area. 51 at the airport. it is
12:34 pm
relatively similar throughout the entire chicago area. visibility is about 10 mi.. hear something. the cold air of last night will be shifting east. we mentioned at the cloud from the rainshowers up to our north and west. you can see a little bit of clout in is making its way into the chicago area. not going to affect us until tomorrow. it will probably be late tomorrow if you move farther to the east rand and thunderstorms pushing up the east coast. it looks like it is going to be rainy once
12:35 pm
again down near the coast. mostly sunny skies strong wind. occasionally too frequently gusty. tuesday some sunshine early. the rain and maybe even thunderstorms possible we lose some of the heating behind the rain. temperatures coming andin low 50s. a carny skies expected drop the area. an interesting week. it gets even more interesting. details coming up later. >>time for today's trivia. the history of the chicago bears date back to 1919 when the ae staley company started a company team in decatur. what was their team nickname?
12:36 pm
a. chicago bears b. decatur staleys c. staleys bears the answer still to come this midday! [ male announcer ] this is rudy. his morning starts with arthritis pain. and two pills. afternoon's overhaul starts with more pain. more pills. triple checking hydraulics. the evening brings more pain. so, back to more pills. almost done, when... hang on. stan's doctor recommended aleve. it can keep pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is rudy.
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time for sports. the bears survived two road games in six days, and now they're heading into the bye week with a share of first place. the offense got off to another
12:39 pm
slow start in jacksonville. bears up six three in the third. charles tillman picks off blaine gabbert's pass and returns it 37-yards his eighth career defensive touchdown. still up in the fourth. devin hester lays out for the 39- yard catch... that set up brandon marshall's touchdown to make it 27- 3. a few minutes later brian urlacher breaks up the pass, and lance briggs does it again with a 36- yard "pick- six" first time in n-f-l history teammates returned interceptions for touchdowns in consecutive games. bears beat the jaguars 41-3. the defense put up some points. they're holding the other teams to very few yards. >> that is what this defense was built on. making the plays that come to you. those are examples of guys who put the helmets on every day and come to work. the
12:40 pm
colts and packers showing support for coach chuck pagano, who's fighting leukimia. in the second quarter. the colts' reggie wayne makes the impressive one- handed catch. packers led 21-3 at halftime but colts rally in the second half with just 40 seconds left wayne stretches across the goal- line for what would be the game- winning touchdown. the colts win 30-27. the packers fall to two- and- three. >>the vikings trying to keep their share of first place. they lead the titans in the third. christian ponder tosses to percy harvin who makes a few moves to get in the endzone. he went for more than a hundred yards and two touchdowns. the vikings win 30- to- seven, and are tied with the bears atop the division. >>that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. >>good afternoon everyone.
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representatives from coca-cola pepsi, and other beverages have announced competition between chicago and san antonio. the city with the best improvement to their well as profile wins a prize he. >> you can make the choice that is right for you. you'll have the calorie information to do it. the companies are hoping the program will help them avoid new taxes. it will be the first to have the calorie count information. the program will go nationwide. >> death toll has reached eight. the victims got the disease from tainted steroid injections. the
12:46 pm
shots made by a company in massachusetts were given to treat back pain. they have ordered all of their products r ecalled. the symptom show up within a week of the injection. the food and drug administration is downgrading its report on a generic version of the popular antidepressant "wellbutrin." the agency reports "budeprion" is not as effective. the company that makes "budeprion" asked the f-d-a to withdraw approval of the 300 miligram extended-release tablets. the manufacturer and marketer have stopped shipping the product. wellbutrin is made by glaxosmithkline. the generic is made by impax laboratories and marketed by teva pharmaceuticals. coffee lovers beware. a new study in the october third edition of investigative ophthalmology and visual science shows a daily coffee habit could increase your risk of developing a certain type of glaucoma. the risk of getting exfoliation glaucoma goes up 66-percent if you drink more than three cups of caffeinated coffee a day.
12:47 pm
the same result was not found in other caffeinated beverages such as soda or tea. the lead researcher says the results still need to be confirmed through more studies. >>a daredevil skydiver is planning to jump from the edge of space. tomorrow the man from austria will try to break two world records from 120-thousand feet above the earth. brian todd has more. >> after five years of planning and one day delay for weather is finally about to happen. the stratosphere jump of the daredevil kid. command center where this will be launched. our photojournalist is going to show you the field where it will be launched. a giant balloon with a capsule is going to take him to the edge of space from this field. it is going to take about three hours. 122,000 ft. above
12:48 pm
the surface of the earth. at that point he is going to step out of the capsule and attempt to set two records. 1 for the longest free fall. while he is doing that he hopes to break a speed record for someone traveling outside of a spacecraft. no one has ever gone the speed of sound. he is hopefully going to be the first person to ever do that. he's going to wear a high-pressure suit, a helmet and a parachute. as another record he will attempt to said. the daredevil from austria who has already pays jump from the petronas towers and has already been struck from the chrysler statue in rio de janeiro. this is his latest and greatest. he is pretty humble about his plans
12:49 pm
from here. he says he is going to go back to being a helicopter pilot. >>lunchbreak is next. we are making some sweet dessert treats for the season.
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questions? anyone have occasional constipation diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend
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12:52 pm
>> there are two ways to make cake pops. you can either use the pans. futures small way is to make a cake and baking. crumble it up. bake it fully. you take frosting and mix it in until it gets to this consistency. you can mold it into any shape you want. the
12:53 pm
best way to get them round is to cup yourn hands. squeeze it together. they can come out still nice and round. you can also shep them. you can make a witches hat. i found that full size lollipop sticks are a little too long but you can break them right in half. this is the candy coating. stick the stick into the candy coating
12:54 pm
first. then dunk it right into the mixture. i will take a spatula and push them right over the top. tap it on the side and put them straight down like this. >>if you put them straight down >>got a little chocolate on my finger. too bad. >>lots of colors you can use. make them into different shapes and sizes. you can decorate them with candy you find in the
12:55 pm
store. >> and no one is that you used. q. did not know what to make the hat out of. this is a standard candy. poppet in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds. the networks like playdo. >> the casket there is terrific. you made an alteration. i used pumpkin gingerbread for those also. it looks more like a coffin. that is a branded cherry reduction.
12:56 pm
>> the cupcakes look great as well. >> it is fun to take ideas from other people. >>they made a great cake pop book that we have at the store. we use that as an inspiration. she is the first to do that. >>if you want to check out the halloween baking class. it take place october 27th at the sur la table location in northbrook court. >>for today's recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to wgn tv dot com slash midday. >>for today's recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to wgn tv dot com slash midday. >>is it time to eat one yetúepq i
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today's trivia question... we asked: the history of the chicago bears date back to 1919 when the ae staley company started a company team in decatur. what was their team nickname? a. chicago bears b. decatur staleys c. staleys bears the answer: b. the decatur staleys' first season of play was in 1920. the decatur staleys, after moving to chicago, became the chicago staleys in 1921. they then became the chicago bears in 1922. >>a better name i think. >>cool today. a little milder tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon some possibiillities of showers. after tomorrow the next chance of rain comes saturday. >thanks for joining us today. hope you have a great afternoon. remember we're back at 5 and 9.


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